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What is your total household income?
 <$40,000 $40,001-$75,000 $75,001-$125,000 >$125,000

What is the sum of all your investments?
 <$25,000 $25,001-$75,000 $75,001-$150,000 $150,001-$250,000 >$250,000

What percentage of your household gross income do you save/invest?
 1-5% 6-10% 11+%

Are your entire savings done through your company retirement program?  Yes No
If no, what percentage of your pay is through your company's retirement program?

Do you own your own home?  Yes No

What amount of credit card debt do you currently have?
 <$1,000 $1,001-$5,000 $5,001-$10,000 >$10,000

What is the total amount of money you have in cash accounts (savings, money market accounts, etc.)?
 <$1,000 $1,001-$5,000 $5,001-$10,000 >$10,000





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